Now Sashay Away…

I’m sorry that I have to make this post drag-nuts. Hannah has to wave a peroxide-blonde wig in surrender, and turn in her high heels. I just cannot keep up with the recaps this season.

I’m as shocked as you are Katya.

It has been a joy to recap these queens, both last season and this season, but I just don’t have the damned TIME right now. I’ve been waking up at 4:45 in the mornings to try and get these damned recaps done, and I still can’t take care of business. Clearly I am not feeling my oats. There is just a lot going on in real-life right now, and unfortunately, real-life comes before my recaps. At least until someone starts paying me to do recaps. Any takers? Anyone? No? Ok then. I’ve got to make it rain and these recaps sure ain’t doing it!

s7_ep3_31There, there, don’t cry for me children.

I hope that at some point, life will get a little less crazy and maybe All Tea No Shave will pull a Shangela, but for right now, I’m going to have to sashay away. Thanks to all of you my lovely readers, you’ve been great.

So farewell my drag-nuts. It’s time for me to go walk the children through nature. Keep your tucks tight and your heads held up high.